West Coast Crash Course

26. March 2018 Updates 0

New to west coast music? Need a crash course?

I’ve compiled a playlist with some of the most iconic tracks in the genre. In about five hours, you’ll get a pretty complete picture of west coast music – at least what’s available on the streaming services.

I’m embedding the Tidal playlist here, and I strongly recommend that you listen using Tidal Hifi for lossless audio (FLAC and MQA). However, the songs are available across the most popular streaming services, so I’m providing links to Spotify (320 kbps mp3) and Apple Music (256 kbps AAC) versions of the playlist as well.

If you disagree with my choices, or think I’ve missed a particular key track, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.


Spotify: Soft Rock Café – West Coast Crash Course
Apple Music: Soft Rock Café – West Coast Crash Course

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